When we Sell Our Chametz, We Mean It

Mikolot Mayim Rabbim

English 157px-Scotch_Whisky_(aka) KNOCK KNOCK!
— Who’s there?
— Fritz Schmidt, your rabbi’s neighbor who purchased your chametz yesterday morning.
— Ah, what do you want?
— Oh, nothing major. I just want to pick up that bottle of islay whiskey you sold me yesterday at a discount.
– (Astonished) That’s all?
– Yes. Well, eh, no. I am also coming to deposit a few frozen pork bellies in that freezer you rented me. I am preparing a party for Easter Monday, but since the stores are closed, I find your freezer very handy…
– (Annoyed) Come in. *Your* freezer is down the hall. Well, at least I know you meant it when you bought that chametz.

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