Israeli Police & Army responding to Arab Rioters in Jerusalem


The video doesn’t show very much because the view from my bedroom window was limited. Last night at about midnight, a group of Arab youths started rioting in the Jerusalem neighbourhood of Abu Tur.
They threw stones and firecrackers towards the cops. The stones were rather big and my guess is that a couple of parked cars you see in the video got damaged.
When you hear a loud PLONK, then a stone hit one of the cars.
At first, the Jerusalem police tried to take care of the situation but, in the end, the called the Mishmar HaGvul (border police) from the army.
What you also see on the video is, I guess police Yassamnikim, gathering in the middle of the road and running shouting towards the Arab rioters. Just in order to scare them away.
Then you hear explosions but those are NOT gunshots but more firecrackers…

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