Allah punishes Muslims as thousands flee floodwaters in Malaysia

The Muslim Issue

Muslims always claim every tragedy against non-Muslims is Allah’s punishment. But here they can see that even Allah can’t stand Muslims! The world is not alone in the dislike of these savages. The punishments are endless and constant. If Islam is the only true religion and the highest – how come Allah is always willing to create massacres and problems for Muslims? No creed on earth has killed other Muslims more than Muslims; no creed experience more turmoils and struggles.


Thousands of people have been displaced in Malaysia as the nation experiences severe monsoon floods. The prime minister has been criticized for playing golf with the US president instead of being at home.

Malaysia December 24

Malaysia’s state Bernama news agency said over 100,000 people had been forced from their homes and into shelters in five northern Malaysian states. While seasonal floods hit Malaysia every year, this latest monsoon flooding has…

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